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BEEZ Electric built the foundation of our business in part completing projects for home owners throughout the valley. With ever changing needs, often driven by technology our team works with a variety of contractors on new homes, as well as upgrade and modify existing homes to accomodate today's lifestyles.

Boat Hoists (lift)

With an abundance of water in our area, it is not unusual for residental propert to include electric boat hoists as part of their docking system. Boating is a part of life in Wisconsin and BEEZ Electric can install or maintain the electric controls for both residential an commercial marina use.


Green Homes and Energy Efficiency

More than ever, residents are looking for ways to minimize energy consumption and live "green." Our team of professional electricians can provide electrical consultation for your home to help you with this goal. We will work with you to achieve energy efficiency in lighting, heating, security,  appliances and more.


Beez Electric can help you choose an emergency power generator to meet your needs. The automatic home standby generator is the most powerful, fully automatic enclosed generator most appropriate for residential use. They are quiet, reliable and loaded with special features. They can be solar-operated or gas operated.

Appliance Plugs and Outlets

Today's home appliances almost always require a grounded electrical outlet for safety reasons. Many homes especially older ones do not have the proper outlets or control panels to accommodate the increase in voltage required by today's modern technology and appliances. BEEZ Electric can change out your older outlets for the proper new ones and ensure that your circuit panel has enough amps to run your household.

Upgrade Circuit Panels

With the abundance of today’s technology and upgraded appliances, it’s important that the circuit panel in your home, office or industrial setting be able to accommodate everything that needs power. We will assess your current situation, and recommend the upgrade that is suitable for your needs including switches, receptacles and circuit panels.

Correct Code Violations

Over the years electrical codes have changed significantly, resulting in many homes, commercial buildings or even industrial sites to be out of compliance if they were constructed many years ago. We can bring your building up to electrical code into compliance with the municipal or state codes. Not only will this bring you peace of mind, it will also help to ensure safety in these environments and allow you to add on or remodel your home.

Underground Trenching

Many of today’s new electrical projects require power lines buried to keep our views free from power polls and lines. This requires us to trench from the main sources on the road to your home. We have the knowledge and equipment to provide trenching services, and will replace soil when the project is completed, allowing your contractor to complete your landscaping.

Exterior and Landscape Lighting

Today’s outdoor spaces are almost as important to home-owners as indoor spaces. We work with a variety of landscape architects and designers to bring their ideas and concepts to “light” and provide you with beautiful and functioning exterior enhancements to your home.

Swiming Pool or Hot Tub Lighting and Wiring

While you may have determined to add a pool, hot tub or spa to your home, you may not have considered the lighting in or around the pool you need, the requirements to run a filtering system or a heater. BEEZ Electric can help you determine the right amount of lighting, and make sure that all the systems needed are well maintained and operating smoothly.

Landscape and Deck Lighting

Many of today’s landscape projects are elaborate and create complete outdoor living spaces. Beautiful lighting can play an integral role in providing the atmosphere you want for your deck, patio, walkways, gardens and pool decks.

Home Remodeling

Remodeling an existing home is a smart investment, but can present some challenges if there is old wiring, outdated circuit panels (not enough amps) or outdated electric sockets. We can help bring your home up to date, not only with what you see in new lighting design or systems, but more importantly, in what you don’t see, with up to code wiring and electrical systems.

New Construction

We have deep experience working closely with many general contractor and home-builders on full residential electrical wiring for your new home. Our team is knowledgeable of current municipal codes, and will ensure that your home functions as beautifully and conveniently as you desire.